Tarot de las Sensaciones


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Tarot de las Sensaciones

It consists of 22 letters in Spanish language.

In this tarot, the author, M.ª del Mar Tort, has put her 20 years of experience teaching tarot in some of her cards to facilitate her learning.

The Tarot of Sensations is specially designed to facilitate interpretation.

The basis are the 22 arcana of the Marseilles tarot, of which we have respected their symbols and colors. What makes this tarot different is that it has no borders and all the arcana have a common background that allows us to better combine some cards with others. The arcana share the stage.

We have used colors that make it very pleasing to the eye and that allow it to better connect with the letter. In the landscape we have added details that enrich us.

For example, the cards that are seasons of the year have a compass rose, the leaves on the ground mark the movement and evolution of circumstances, the karmic cards have a small cloud, the cards that represent specific people have a ring, etc.

All this to help people improve their performances.

Author: Maria del Mar Tort i Casals and Mª Dolors Villadelprat

Number of Cards: 22

Spanish Language

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