Pack: The Runic Tarot (Colección) "Última Unidad"

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Pack: The Runic Tarot (Collection) "Last Unit"

It consists of a pack of 76 letters plus a book with instructions in English.

The mystery of the runes is as much a part of Celtic mythology as the passing of the seasons and the rhythm of the calendar year. In addition, the relationship of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, and the change of the year, inspired the first divinatory systems used by people of antiquity.

The highly distinctive runic Tarot includes a major arcana of 24 runes on a zodiac wheel with traditional Norse meaning. This is combined with a minor arcana of four suits, each reflecting a season. The runic Tarot will connect you with the seasonal images of the northern tribes and will enrich and guide your life.

Author: Caroline Smith and Hohn Astrop

Number of cards: 76

Book with instructions.

English language.

Stock: Last Unit.

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