Through the Eyes of the Soul "Last Units"


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Through the Eyes of the Soul "Last Units"

It consists of 52 letters plus a guide with instructions in English.

Delve into the myths, meet and amaze with this luminescent oracle of the celebrated visionary Cheryl Yambrach Rose. Neo-mythical images provide an energetic link to divine beings, sacred sites, and otherworldly spaces so that you can access meaningful answers and directions.

The 68-page guide expands on the meanings of the cards, providing insightful guidance to deepen your understanding of the messages and catalyze the connection to her higher self.


The artwork was created to open inner doors so you can access deep and hidden guidance for spontaneous revelation and self-empowerment. Cheryl begins painting her with her eyes and works outward through a vortex of color and energy to create a channel to her subjects. She meditates on the cards for a deep experience of connection, enlightenment, and awareness.

An oracle uniquely created to update wisdom and weave your destiny, every day.

Author: Cheryl Yambrach Rosa

Number of cards: 52

Guide with instructions.

English language.

Stock: Last Unit.

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