La Diosa de los sueños


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La diosa de los sueños

It consists of 55 letters plus a guide with instructions in Spanish.

They may be hidden, but wisdom, empowerment, sensuality, and creativity are inherent in all.

The Goddesses come to encourage you to continue, to show the wonders of which you are capable, to reveal your innate strength, intuition and compassion and to remind you of all your inner resources.

Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden helps you see the world through the prism of goddesses with 55 inspiring messages to make the most of your blessings and materialize love, health, abundance and the culmination of your life.

Connect with the wise and eternal Goddesses for greater awareness, magic that enhances your life, and freedom that enriches your soul.

Author: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Number of Cards: 55

Guide with instructions

Spanish Language.

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