Pack: Litarot el oráculo Literario


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Pack: Litarot el oráculo Literario

It consists of a pack of letters plus a book of 260 pages. In Spanish language.

The stories and characters that for so many centuries were drawn by the human mind, on paper or in the air, with pen and ink or with the languages ​​of charlatans from here and there, sometimes with claims of truthfulness and others with the justification of entertainment testify to every step that bold human culture has taken in the universe.

Myths, characters of culture and literature, legends, arguments of literary works, scenes, genres, poems, narrative structures, Kabbalistic series, etc., all of them form a colorful network of passionate and obsessive truths that at the time were conscious or unconsciously packaged in fictions or rituals so that they would be preserved in their maximum freshness for posterity.

But they have heirs in our own daily universe, both in the most personal orbit of each one and in the great issues that characterize the time we live in.

Author: Patricia Sanchez Cutillas


Spanish Language.

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