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Pack: Evolutivo Tarot 

It consists of a box pack with two decks of 108 cards plus a guide, plus a cloth bag and the possibility of a course, in Spanish.

Exclusive 108-card deck, inspired and created to be easy to use and understand. Now, take more complete readings,

simple and practical will be at your fingertips. A deck that

complements magic, mystery and actuality, to facilitate its usefulness in both the predictive and therapeutic systems and the


Its images invite to introduce you to the secrets that

conceal to be revealed by your connected heart

consciously. Would you like to discover what it has to reveal to you?

The measurements used are the standard ones of 11 cm x 6 cm and a continuous one of 12 x 7 cm, with a thickness of 400 grams exceeding the average of 350 grams, with a smooth and professional finish.

This product contains manipulation and handcrafted finishes, which makes personalization and personification more contemplated in its production process.

Promotionally, it includes in the same purchase a basic deck course + tips to further develop intuition + reading examples + card with the design and description of each card + MP3 audio to improve memorization + MP3 audio to improve concentration + support in resolutions and advice + whatsapp group

The extreme line product description:

A deck with a touch of a certain character and defined to feel a touch of warmth when using it in your readings. Shuffle with

ease and fluency with greater connection in your readings and let yourself be carried away by the feeling of authenticity with the contact of your hands.

Author: Toni Real

Number of cards: 108

78 tarot cards

25 rune cards

5 mini oracle cards

Cloth bag.

Guide + Basic course on the web

Spanish Language.

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