Pack: Illuminati Tarot


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Pack: Illuminati Tarot

It consists of a book pack plus 78 letters in Spanish.

The Illuminati Tarot contains within it the light of enlightenment, realization, and truth. Each card is like a stained glass window that tells a transcendent story and communicates an ancient wisdom when illuminated by sunlight. In the Illuminati Tarot, every detail is significant. Each scene is a rich and sumptuous tapestry of color, action, expression, and nature. Flood the senses with the essence of each card so that the associated meanings and concepts become tangible.

The Illuminati Tarot combines artistic beauty, symbolic depth, and intuitive vigor. It is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and for understanding the mysteries of the past, present, and future.

Author: Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens

Number of cards: 78

Book with instructions.

Spanish Language.

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