Pack: Inner Child Cards (Collection) "Last Unit"

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Pack: Inner Child Cards (Collection) "Last Unit"


It consists of a pack of letters plus a book with instructions in English.

Tarot Inner Child Cards a journey into Fairy Tales, Myth & Nature - Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner - Christopher Guilfoil limited edition 500,000 copies.

Inner Child Cards is a divination method that awakens the child in all of us and, little by little, helps us interact with the most powerful archetypes in the world. The authors assign an archetypal children's story to each image of the traditional tarot.

Thus, Cinderella aligns herself with the Moon card, traditionally associated with the power of dreams and visions. Sleeping Beauty is equated with the Death card, with the theme of personal metamorphosis. Little Red Riding Hood replaces the Fool (the innocent) and the Big Bad Wolf represents the Devil. Fantasy art and the popular characters in Letters from the Inner Child awaken sleepy emotional memory in long-forgotten children's stories.

The tarot has always had an amazing ability to act as a "hall of mirrors" that reflects the true trajectory of life. Through the archetypes of stories, Letters of the Inner Child offers adults an especially clear reflection of the child in him and an imaginative access to the inner truth of his own soul. And, given their playful nature, these cards are also suitable for use with children.

Author: Isha Lerner


Book with instructions.

English language.

Stock: Last Unit.

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