Tarot Creator Fatum (Collection) "Last Units"



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Tarot Creator Fatum (Collection) "Last Units"

It consists of 78 letters in English and Russian language.

The tarot deck creator fatum opens the way of man.

Attention is a direct author tarot that has an edition of average quality in the finish in its outer box, it comes unsealed and does not have instructions, its illustrations are truly beautiful and its cards and the cardboard box are made of fine cardboard without lamination.

Each of the 78 cards symbolizes a life test that a person must pass. Otherwise, the ruthless forces of the rock will consume it and wipe it from the face of the earth. There is no room for cowardice and cowardice, stupidity and idleness in a person's desire to find their own way and find their destiny. Only those who know themselves in the realities of this world will be able to rule their own destiny.

This is a classic tarot deck based on Ryder White and Visconti - Sforza. The deck reflects the philosophical teaching on the destiny of a person in its original form. It is important to understand that the current level of knowledge in the field of psychoanalysis, philosophy and physics can significantly improve the deck to take its place among other artifacts of the historical heritage of high intellectual culture.

- Magic practices of direct portals. The deck was provided in the first place for the convenience of these practices, although direct portals practice can be performed in other classic decks.

- Development of managerial intuition, psychological instincts, extrasensory abilities, insight and clairvoyance in the tarot archetype system, which can also be called reality portals.

- Psychological counseling based on working methods with MAC (metaphorical associative cards). - the study of human capacities, including the modeling of life scenarios and chains of events.

- The 78 map images are very artistic. Compositional solutions are dynamic and carry a complex drama of fatal trials in each person's life.

- Careful representation of minor mystery plots, reflecting the four stories of the development of the human experience according to the spirit of each item / costume. - The author of the deck is especially proud of the 16 arcana of the court. From the point of view of the essence of the archetype, they are superbly thought out and executed. This is a unique job.

- The CREATOR FATUM deck is the most convenient to learn in all areas of work with Tarot cards. This effect is achieved through an in-depth study of the semantic content of the archetypes (the author of the deck is an experienced psychoanalyst).

- The deck is truthful and talkative. She is a wonderful consultant and assistant. The energy in the deck is magical in nature and involuntarily calls everyone who holds it in their hands to responsibility. This deck does not tolerate disrespectful attitude towards itself, just as magic does not like those who, calling themselves magicians, defame the great art.

The deck is made of thick printed cardboard, without the use of plastic and pleasant to the touch.

Author: Igor Olenev.

Number of Cards: 78

Language: English and Russian.

Stock: Last Units.