L'oracle de la sorcière noire et des runes "Últimas Unidades"


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L'oracle de la sorcière noire et des runes "Last Units"

It consists of a pack of 44 letters plus a guide with instructions in French.

Inspired by the symbolism of nature, trees, insects and the world of witches, this oracle consists of two parts: 20 "black cards" representing nature and 24 "runic cards".

Thus we can use the cards in their entirety or simply use those of the runes or those of the witches, according to their inspiration. Divinatory tool, this oracle will be able to answer questions by its symbolism and will propose anticipations in the future.

He is the link that allows the open mind that will connect us with the ancestral beliefs of the universe of the witches and the runes. This box contains: a 68 page explanatory book, 44

Author: Gabriel Sanchez

Number of Cards: 44

Guide with instructions.

French language.

Stock: Last Units.

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