Gulliver Lenormand


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Gulliver Lenormand

It consists of 36 letters plus a guide with instructions in French.

The artist Gulliver l'Aventurière invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Mlle Lenormand's famous game, revised with the technique of linocut.

This case contains a black and white set with a grunge look and illustrations that are both striking and poetic, in the image of its author. Raw soul travel companion that pushes you to get to the point, the Gulliver Lenormand will delight fortune teller and fortune teller. Set of 36 cards with colored notebook.

If this long-awaited little Lenormand meets the classic standards of the mythical card game, it certainly stands out not only for its quality and handling, but also and above all for its aesthetics. And for cause. Julie Lapierre aka Gulliver the Adventurer, we're no longer there! she-she used her expert brush to deliver exclusively black and white illustrations, the symbols of which are resolutely imbued with her author's informed imagination.

Author: Gulliver l'Aventurière

Number of Cards: 36

Guide with instructions.

French language.

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