Oráculo De Los Cristales de Compañía


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Oráculo De Los Cristales de Compañía

It consists of 45 letters plus a guide with instructions in Spanish.

Oracle of Companion Crystals is a wonderful magical and dynamic guide to, on a day-to-day basis, applying the powerful magic of healing crystals.

Both the images and the information contained in each of these 45 cards have the purpose of enriching our daily experience and expanding the practical information of their properties.

The beauty of the chosen minerals will allow us to recognize and identify them quickly and easily.

Healing crystals choose us as an invitation to include them in our lives as companion minerals.

The 45-card deck can be used in several ways and one more: the one you want to give it in a personal and unique way.

Each card consists of beautiful images of minerals traditionally considered holistic medicine for their harmonizing properties.

Each offers a distinctive way of focusing attention throughout the day with a special affirmation.

Author: Nina Llinares

No. of letters

Guide with instructions.

Spanish Language.

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