Tadini Collection Card Game "Last Unit"

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Tadini Collection Card Game "Last Unit"

It consists of 54 poker-type cards in Italian language.

Modiano "Tadini" Playing Cards, Emilio Tadini Designs, Ltd. Edition 1000, c. 1982. Edition numbered and signed

Mint deck of cards made by Modiano, c.1982, based on beautiful and very original designs by Italian pop artist Emilio Tadini. The deck was printed in a limited edition of 1000; this deck does not have a card indicating his number in the race. The deck is about art, not card games, and I would like to point out that the Queens are female nudes, not pin-ups, but nudes in the classical artistic sense.

The deck has 52 cards, plus 2 jokers. I sold sets of these cards in the past that had a card inserted on the back, signed and numbered by the artist, announcing the deck, but this deck does not have that card, even though the deck was removed from its packaging for photography. this listing.

The cards measure 89mm x 62mm and the inside of the box is lined with red silk fabric.

Author: Emilio Tadini

Number of cards: 53

Italian language.

Stock: Last Unit.

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