Tarot El Dios de los Tres


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Tarot El Dios de los Tres

It consists of 78 letters plus a brochure with instructions in Spanish.

The tarot of the God of the Three tries to flood everything that it touches with its intrinsic and particular aesthetic universe: an ode to fantasy, color and spectacle

A vibrant and urban visual cosmogony endowing our tarot with energy, positivity, joy and freedom

Deck of Tarot Cards of 78 cards

Tarot cards 60 x 110 mm.

Printed on exclusive 330 gram coated laminated paper and coated in our highly durable aqueous varnish

Case Made of high quality polychrome cardboard

The god of the three is the artistic brand linked to Javier Navarro, who is dedicated to the realization of murals, events, collaborations with brands, decoration, artistic work and illustration.

Includes Introduction to Cartomancy and Tarot Reading Manual

Author: Javier Navarro

Number of cards: 78

Instruction booklet

Spanish Language.

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