Tarocco 22 Arcani in 22 Numeri, Osvaldo Menegazzi (Collection) "Last Unit"

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Tarocco 22 Arcani in 22 Numeri, Osvaldo Menegazzi (Collection) "Last Unit"

It consists of 22 letters in Italian language.

Numbered Edition 36, with wax seal, handcrafted.

by Il Meneghello

The wins presented as they relate to numbers from world cultures.

A very limited edition handcrafted set of decks and boxes

Signed and numbered by the artist: Osvaldo Menegazzi

A deck of numbers drawn from many cultures and designed by the craftsman Osvaldo Menegazzi. Each number corresponds and shares characteristics of the meaning of a particular Major Arcana.

The matching handmade box is equally magnificent.

As well as Osvaldo's characteristic hot wax seal.

Each set has a signature card signed and numbered in beautiful handwritten calligraphy on special paper.

This very limited edition collectible, handcrafted.

Of the great Osvaldo Menegazzi.

This set was available at the end of 2008.

Author: Osvaldo Menegazzi

Number of Cards: 22

Italian language

Stock: Last Unit.

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