Tarot Arcane Couleur (Last Units) "Collection"


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Arcane Couleur Tarot (Last Units)

It consists of 80 letters plus a brochure with instructions in French.

Card game, divinatory tarot, educational tool, meditation object.

The idea for this game arose as a result of a purely methodological research on color combinations; What a surprise then to discover that this strictly mathematical structure was exactly in line with the numerical organization of the classical Tarots, like the Tarot of Marseilles!

From this observation came the idea of ​​creating a specific Tarot for color combinations. Several authors have wondered, during these last centuries, if the Tarot of Marseilles would not hide a universal structure under the mask of allegories?

This lost secret would consist of a certain relationship between the 22 Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. In fact, Arcanum Couleur shows that, if a secret "exists", this secret would simply be due to the fact that the 22 Major Arcana would add up all of the Minor Arcana.

This structure is evidently revealed to us by the play of colors. 80 letters + brochure in French. "

Brochure with instructions.

French language.

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