Pack: Tarot Llewellyn "Latest Units"


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Pack: Tarot Lewellyn "Latest Units"

It consists of 78 letters plus Lewellyn Tarot book in English

Beautiful Tarot created with great mastery reference of the medieval world of welsh, tactile, even rustic, with another world that overlaps and constitutes one of the frontiers of reality.

Poetic, but sentimental, rarely, mortals anticipate and prepare themselves to test encounters with the shadow of the Other World.

This Tarot Phaser is of a mystical realism, one of the most attractive qualities of the principles of Celtic literature.

A Tarot for lovers of medieval and fantastic art.

Author: Anna Marie Ferguson

No. Letters: 78

Book with instructions 288 pp.

Language: English.

Pack: Tarot Llewellyn "Últimas U
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