Dream Fairies Oracle


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Oracle of the Fairies of Dreams

It consists of 12 cards, with Book of the Oracle Dream Fairies in multilanguage.

Stunning Tarot made with a very romantic and original style, his cards shine at night.

His illustrations are created with special dedication and also his cards shine in the dark. It comes next to a box to be able to place the card as a photograph to be able to view it in all its splendor.

In each image we are shown a Fairy along with an astrological sign, each of them has the mission of guiding our dreams in a more productive way at night and by day they show us their advice and help us understand our destiny.

A very special and wonderful Oracle.

Author: Bianca Luna

No. Letters: 12

Size: 110x110mm

Book with instructions in Spanish, French, Italian, German, English.

Dream Fairies Oracle
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