Pack: Tarot Yemaya (1st Edition) "Collection" (Last Units)


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Pack: Tarot Yemaya (1st Edition) "Collection"

It consists of a pack of 30 letters plus book with instructions in Spanish language.

The Cuban Priest and Spirity, Jeisber Feria Díaz a know the only AfroCuban Tarot where the Eggun and Orishas speak.

A means of communication with the Afro-Cuban religion. Yemayá is Orisha mayor, mother of life and of the two-holy, owner of the waters.

Yemayá tarot is an approach to one of the oldest practices: spiritualism.

Afro-Cuban santeria shows in this book its reality and offers the reader the possibility to delve into the meaning of each of its symbols, the correct way to throw away the cards and prayers that make up the ritual that involves a tarot consultation.

Only through the knowledge and understanding of the cards, duly consecrated, do we obtain the answers of the Eggun and Orishas.

I'll teach you a walk, but only you choose the way, " says the author."

Author: Jeisber Feria Díaz

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions.

Language: Spanish.

Stock: Last Unit.

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