Legendario Tarot de la Santisima Muerte (Collection) "Last Units"


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Legendario Tarot de la Santisima Muerte (Collection) "Last Units"

It consists of a pack of 22 letters plus a guide with instructions in Spanish.

Your destiny in love, health and money Past, present and future. Providing not only one more tool of the divinatory arts, but we can count on the certainty of obtaining the most truthful and convincing answers thanks to the divine help of the Santisima Muerte.

This tarot consists of 22 cards of the Santisima Muerte representing the major arcana, in this sense apart from being an avant-garde tarot adapted to the context of current life, it has the ability to be understandable for all those immersed in the esoteric world, in addition to its Major Conford contains a book that will help you understand the meaning of the cards and the most effective rolls

Author: Agaim

No. of Tastings: 22

Guide with instructions.

Spanish Language.

Stock: Last Units.

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