L'Oracle du Petit Enchanteur


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L'Oracle du Petit Enchanteur

It consists of 47 letters plus a brochure with instructions in French.

Fruit of the most beautiful love that exists, that of a mother for her child, this refined oracle conveys the emotion that life awakens.

L'Oracle du Petit Enchanteur is an invitation to rediscover your inner child, to see the unknown in a different way, and to bring clarity in the dark.

Neither dark nor black, it is an expression of hope and of becoming. Conceived as a private notebook, an outdoor journal, this oracle brings you comfort and support.

Like a gift from heaven, a stardust, L'Oracle du Petit Enchanteur accompanies you on the magical paths of your life.

Author: Charbonnel a.

Number of Cards: 47

Brochure with instructions.

French language.

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