L' Oracle Masaai (Last Units)


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L 'Oracle Masaai

It consists of a pack of 52 letters plus a book with instructions in French.

The Maasai, the first emblematic people of Africa, consider the Earth, the Universe and everything around us sacred.

The Masai oracle will teach you to relate to Enk'Ai - the mother goddess or "universal consciousness" -, to discover your reality, without concept or dogma, beyond appearances.

Each of the 52 beautifully illustrated cards opens access to your higher self to free yourself from mental limitations and live in complementarity, that is, in balance.

In the accompanying book, you will find the meaning of the cards, as well as valuable tips for interpreting your impressions. As you practice, you will feel how much you are guided and protected, whatever the circumstances.

The Maasai Oracle will allow you to advance towards the goal of your life, with full consciousness, and will make you participate subtly, in universal joy and love, in the simple and magical game of life.

Author: Emma Sampil, Xavier Péron.

Number of Cards: 52

Book with instructions.

French language.

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