Demeroticon Tarot (Collection) "Last Units"


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Demeroticon Tarot (Collection) "Last Units"

It consists of a pack of 22 letters plus a brochure with instructions and a poster in German.

Demeroticon Tarot by the artist Dark Idol from Argentina

The only tarot of 22 very special major arcana.

If you are looking for the darkest deck, you are sure to love this one!

22 cards in a 2-piece box with a lid. There is also a great art poster inside the box.

A very special tarot game, 22 major arcana cards with a 32 page booklet and an A3 poster, published in 2006 by Arun Verlag.

After years of preoccupation with archetypes, creatures of the unconscious, and forbidden forms of lust, Dark Idol, an art professor at the National School of Fine Arts in Argentina, finally came across the vast universe of tarot and its multiple levels. of interpretation. Fascinated and inspired, this unusual artist listens to the messages of the letters and reflects his own extremely individual interpretation.

Although the artist includes the classical interpretation of the arcana in his interpretations, he places his emphasis on the personal illumination of the messages.

In addition to wisdom, goodness, and balance, we sometimes encounter madness, ignorance, and malice.

This tarot does not lead through worlds of light, but through dark shadows, through abysses, fears, taboos and unheard of fantasies.

Author: Dark Idol from Argentina

Number of cards: 22

Brochure with instructions.


German language.

Stock: Last units.

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