Pack: O Taro Zen de Osho Jogo Transcendental (Collection) "Last Unit"

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Pack: O Taro Zen by Osho Jogo Transcendental (Collection) "Last Unit"

It consists of a pack of 79 letters plus a book with instructions letters in Portuguese.

The "Zen Osho Tarot" is definitely not a traditional Tarot, in the sense of dealing with predictions. Rather, it is a transcendental Zen game that reflects the present moment, presenting what exists here and now.

This game is a call to wake up, to tune in to sensitivity, intuition, compassion, receptivity, courage and individuality. This emphasis on awareness is one of the many innovations in relation to the old Tarot systems and ways of thinking, which will soon catch up with users, when they start working with the Osho Zen Tarot.

Tarot with 79 cards + book explaining the meaning of each one.

Number of cards: 79

Book with instructions

Portuguese language.

Stock: Last Unit.

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