Holydays playing cards "Last Units"


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Holydays playing cards "Last Units"

It consists of 52 poker-style cards.

Charming deck with a strange title, "Vacation", made by Modiano, and with beautiful designs by an unknown artist on the court cards and the Jokers. I say that the title is strange, because according to the Google translation function, "Holidays" does not mean "Holidays" in Italian, but it translates as the same word, "Holidays", in English.

I don't know if this means that the title is a misprint or if it is intended to convey a sense of reverence for time away from work. In any event, the court letters include illustrations of women participating in sports and recreational activities related to water (including snow and ice).

The deck has 52 cards of the same suit, plus 2 Jokers, plus an extra card with the Modiano logo. The cards are wide, measuring 90mm x 63mm, and come in the original box.

Number of cards: 52

Stock: Last Units.

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