Morená Cards


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Morená Cards

It consists of 88 letters in English.

88 picture cards + 22 follow-up letters

scored by Walde Mar de Andrade e Silva when we have the information.

MORENÁ means place of origin in the Xingu language. The painter Walde Mar de Andrade e Silva lived with the natives of the Xingu area of the Brazilian jungle for many years and has painted their world ever since.

Not so long ago, most of humanity lived in tribes and clans. These letters help us relive this past. The 88 cards with pictures and the 22 cards of footprints of the MORENÁ deck take us on a journey through the jungle and in the life of a happy town. Warm colors and love scenes touch us and guide our game.

MORENÁ has been highly praised in the European press for the playful access it offers to a different ethnic experience.

This quiet deck of cards works well with children.

Author: Walde Mar de Andrade e Silva

Number of cards: 88

English language.

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