El Tarot de la Magia Sexual (Mini)


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El Tarot de la Magia sexual (Mini)

It consists of 78 cards plus the Tarot Book of the Goddess in Spanish.

The Tarot of Sexual Magic is a tarot of erotic scenery, which embraces the sexual impulse rather than denying it. Although it has a lot of nudes, it is a touch more romantic and not as explicit as some of the other erotic tarot cards out there.

There is no better source of magical energy than the primordial unit that moves us all. Use this magical tool to harness and manipulate this passionate, wild energy and thus enhance them in a better way.

Ideal for asking questions of a sentimental and passionate field.

Author: Laura Tuan

N of letters 78

Instructions booklet.

Language: Spanish, French, German, Italian, English.

This Tarot contains erotic images.

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