El Oráculo de los Angeles -1st Edition- "Last Unit"

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 El Oráculo de los Angeles -1st Edition- "Last Unit"

It consists of a book pack plus 44 letters in Spanish.

The angels of God are our heavenly companions, they help us in life, they accompany us and guide us.

But what do we know about them?

An ancestral and sacred knowledge, which is within each one of us, makes us have the blessing of perceiving the angels. Many years ago, Graciela Iriondo felt a call that prompted her to take care of the angels; a signal that mobilized her internally and led her to wonder about these messenger creatures of God: Who are these winged beings that we all know something about, without know anything really? What is your story? What is the meaning of its existence? Is there really a Kingdom of angels? What is its purpose? This and many other questions the author answers in the pages of The Oracle of Angels, which she describes as a course, a path, a journey where the soul and the heart find a path to travel each day with a teaching, an orientation, a response to our desire to achieve deep spirituality.

This Oracle is one more way to show that the angels are working intensely in this evolutionary moment of the planet and that we can be the protagonists of that change.

Author: Graciela Iriondo

Number of Cards: 44

230-page instruction book

Spanish Language.

Stock: Last Unit.

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