Mensajes de sanación


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Mensajes de sanación

It consists of a guide pack with 50 letters in Spanish.

Healing involves much more than overcoming the challenges posed by illness. It is really about adopting a way of life in which we actively keep in mind the well-being of our mind, our body and our spirit.

Health problems, like losses, loneliness, and other life crises, often propel us on a journey of personal empowerment. That is why Caroline Myss has created this book and her 50 letters, the messages of which will help us discover why, where and how to begin the path to healing.

Since we should take care of our physical, spiritual and emotional health at all times, these Healing Messages are designed to be used by us regularly, or whenever we need them over the years.

Author: Caroline Myss

Number of Cards: 50

Guide with instructions.

Spanish Language.

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