Las Cartas de la Alquimia interior "Last Units"


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Las Cartas de la Alquimia interior "Last Units"

It consists of a pack of letters plus a book with instructions in Spanish and a bag.

With The Inner Alchemy Cards you learn to detect limiting thoughts, to release them and to transform them into inspiring thoughts for yourself and others. Once this is achieved or at least in the process, repressed emotions can be released, learned to manage them and unblock painful feelings.

We begin to have mental clarity and inner peace to accept life's challenges and motivation to achieve our goals. We embrace our “worst version” and love her for being our spark for change.

Being our best version is nothing more than doing the best we can with our gifts and talents, and using our full potential.

The Inner Alchemy Cards will show you your inner wisdom and enhance your ability to solve life's challenges.

Author: Silvia Mai


Book with instructions.

Spanish Language.

Ecological fabric bag.

Stock: Last Units.

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