The Mahabharata Oracle "Last Unit"

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The Mahabharata Oracle "Last Units"

It consists of a book pack plus 36 letters in English.

Inspired by one of the oldest and greatest epics known to man, the Mahabharata, the oldest recorded document in existence, reflects human errors and weaknesses, a triumph of good over evil.

Raise your awareness with this intriguing and original 36-card deck and guide, first on the subject, embodying archetypes of the attributes of the human psyche born of periodically recurring emotions and feelings. A wide spectrum of emotions, dualities, miracles, philosophies, spirituality, and other elements are displayed.

Rich and amazing card images show concepts like space travel, ancient science fiction, elastic time, astral travel, visitation, and more. Everything is here, and otherworldly connections will drive you to expand your psyche. And you will witness the poetic beauty of ancient traditions as they transform the spiritual teachings presented in this powerful package.

Author: Gita Rash

Number of Cards: 36

Guide with instructions.

English language.

Stock: Last Units.

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