Oracle Marseille "Collection"


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Oracle Marseille (Collection) "Last Units"

It consists of 32 cards, plus multilanguage leaflet. This oracle of the eponymous French city, famous for centuries by its masters specialized in playing cards, was inspired by an original set of 32 cards created in 1860 and considered of great hand-colored value, something very rare in its time.

The contents of the images offer everyday symbols that reflect today such as then, feelings, emotions, ambitions, achievements and reflections.

Its author, is the great artist Isa Donelli and edited by loscarabeo in multilanguage language.

Inspired by the tales of sailors and globetrotters, this oracle is filled with scenes from sea life and travel. The mystery and wisdom of travel to distant lands is depicted brilliantly within the Lenormand historid style, which dates back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Oracles differ from Tarot cards, in that they are not divided into costumes or major and minor arcanes (the term "arcanes" means secrets, so the Major Arcanes are the "great secrets", while the Lesser Arcanes are "small secrets".)

This small Oracle is a beautiful work, linked to the tradition of the "Book of Destiny", but taking into account the original features.

It introduces us to self-discovery and meditation. As a seaport, the most diverse personalities speak in these letters. They are symbols of everyday life, where the essence remains the same despite the passage of time.

Number of Cards: 32

Brochure with instructions.

Language: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

Stock: Latest Units.

Oráculo de Marsella "Colección"
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