The Crystal Spirits (Last Units)


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The Crystal Spirits (Last Units)

It consists of 58 letters plus a guide with instructions in Spanish.

Since the beginning of time, healers, shamans, and healers have held crystals in high esteem and value. In fact, the healing powers of crystals have endured in numerous legends from different continents and cultures to this day.

Connecting with these special stones is like communicating with beings of high light, frequency and energy, whose different personalities offer their opinions, ideas, wisdom and special gifts. Each crystal brings its own message and gives you the valuable possibility to align with their consciousness to co-create a full and prosperous life of healing and evolution.

With the guidebook from intuitive oracle teacher Colette Baron-Reid, you'll learn how to work with the oracle cards from The Crystal Spirits to illuminate the path to your highest good.

Author: Colette Baron-Reid

Number of cards: 58

Guide with instructions.

Spanish Language.

Stock: Last Units.

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