El Poder de la Diosa


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El Poder de la Diosa

It consists of 52 letters plus a book with instructions in Spanish.

The goddess is calling you to open up and reconnect with the universe in all its forms. The feminine aspect of the universe rises to restore the balance of the world! Are you willing to answer her call and let her guide you? Have you thought about how much you could develop your potentials if you learned to reclaim your true power?

In The Power of the Goddess, surprising and elegant interpretations of 52 goddesses from cultures around the world await you.

Elena, guardian of the trails, encourages you to find your own way; Artemis offers to guide your arrow, and Ceridwen urges you to trust in the limitless potential of your life.

Oracles expert Colette Baron-Reid unites the mundane with the mystical to guide you on a journey of self-empowerment and fertile manifestation.

Author: Colette Baron-Reid

Number of Cards: 52

Book with instructions.

Spanish Language

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