Durer's Tarot "Collection" (Last Unit)

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Durer's Tarot "Collection" (Last Unit)

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with instructions in multilanguage language.

A tarot of ancient medieval and peasant style that offers us a much more realistic and detailed vision with great skill. A tarot de Marseille style but with touches of the Rider style Waite. Its 78 letters make up a work full of imagination and rural beauty that will make our print runs a walk on the different roads.

The Wonderful Dürer Tarot , is of an ancient style and somewhat Greek symbology , its coloring is soft and subdued and its illustrations radiate good art.

Created in the style of Alberto Durer's paintings and engravings, the images include heraldry and animals as allegorical symbols.

The art of the German master engraver together with symbolic keys, these letters bring us closer to past lives.

This Tarot has extraordinary ability for clear vision and re-proposes classical iconography for use in divinatory interpretation. The authors are Manfredi Toraldo , Giacinto Gaudenzi .

As previously indicated, this tarot has been based on the illustrations of the engraver Albrecht Durer , and on the symbolic key that gives life to said tarot. This tarot divination proposes extraordinary reading through the iconografia classic , in homage to Durer's work .

Author: Dora Gadzhova

No. Cards: 78

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English , Spanish, French, German, Italian.

Durer's Tarot "Colección" (Última Unidad)
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