Pack: Tarot Ayumi Kasai (Collection) "Last Unit"

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Pack: Tarot Ayumi Kasai (Collection) "Last Unit"

It consists of a pack of 78 letters plus book with instructions in Japanese language.

Ayumi Kasai's works are not comparable to the usual anime or manga illustrations. Those are authentic graphic masterpieces that take the breath away from the viewer!
His surreal Art-Deco style tends to M.C. Escher, Erté, Beardsley and Klimt.
Each image tells a story and lives in countless details, graphic shapes surround almost photorealistic faces and will never allow you to escape the view.
She mixes colorful cheerful scenes with brutal elements of terror, tender romantics with decay and lives with death.

It is an absolute must for all lovers of fine arts and also for all those who love homoerotic: in addition to some illustrations with women, you can find many erotic scenes with beautiful children.

Tarot Love and Mystery is a Japanese romantic tarot deck published with comics as art. It uses the Rider-Waite structure, but the images are not traditional. The titles of the 78 cards are printed on the top and bottom, so you can read them backwards or upright.

Author: Ayumi Kasai, Moonprincess Himiko

Number of Cards: 78

Book with instructions.

Language: Japanese.

Stock: Last Unit.

Pack: Tarot Ayumi Kasai (Colecci
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