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Supra Oracle (Collection)

It consists of 56 letters plus instructions in English language.

"Supra" is an oracle mallet loosely based on Jungane psychology and how it blended with gnosticism. We loved the fusion of physics, psyche and ancient knowledge in Jung's practice that inspired an artistic leap at the dawn of the 20th century in how man relates to the world around him. It was a process of soul-building in an era of growing concern for the Machine and a return to our mystical roots that nourish and bring to life our essential being, our identities, within the immeasurable expanse of the cosmos.
With a world at stake and running more and more to the rhythm of a machine, we need objects and practices that ask us to stop, reflect and, above all, give us time to be human, to hear what is in our hearts. as much as what's in our minds.

What is an Oracle deck? An oracle mallet is similar to tarot in that it is an object of meditation that encourages the participant to explore and discover authentic truths about their character that binds them to the extremely powerful and ancient current of universal and creative energy. It is the hero's journey that is open to all of us who promises a dynamic and positive transformation in our characters that can only be experienced through a true understanding of our essential being.
Where an oracle differs from tarot is that it is a looser and more artistic exploration of that journey. An oracle deck can be used alone or as a tarot supplement as a way to deepen the meditation experience. It is a gentle and daily guide that explores the moment of the individual within the time and helps to create an inner bridge to our ancient and universal archetypes: the folkloric past of humanity. A spiritual journey that nourishes our souls energizes our present and strengthens our future.

•Second edition
• Dimensions: card size: 75 mm x 130 mm
• 56 oracle cards
• Original artwork with ink by Peter Dunham
• Printed on luxurious and heavy linen-finished cardboard
• Case made of premium paper with a embossed gold foil design
• Printed by The Expert Playing Card Company, New York, NY
** The book "Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle" is sold separately.

Author: Peter Dunham

Number of cards: 56

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English.

Oráculo Supra (Colección)
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