Pack: Tarot of Dreams (Deluxe and Collector's Edition)


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Pack: Tarot of Dreams "Latest Units"

It consists of 78 cards plus Tarot of Dreams Book, plus CD.

Ciro Marchetti (Set + CD) (EN) (1st Edition) (Limited) (Signed) (2005)

Incredible and majestic Tarot created by the great Ciro Marchetti, his best work created with the smallest detail and a Tarot numbered and of great spectacular both in illustrations and in the quality of the Tarot.

This unbeatable Tarot is a new concept in the Tarot, with 78 cards printed in full color and with metallic dyes.

An impressive luxury Tarot both for its finishes and its quality, worthy of any collector's item.

A tarot with high brrillo in its cards and maximum artistic quality.

Author: Ciro Marchetti

No. Letters: 78

Book with the Tarot of Dreams 138 Pages.

Language: English.

Dimensions Box: 13.50x15.50 cm

Measurements Letters: 9.00x14.00 cm


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Pack: Tarot of Dreams (Edición d
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