Russian Fairy Oracle (Collection) "Latest Drives"


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Russian Fairy Oracle (Collection) "Latest Drives"

It consists of 36 letters plus brochure with instructions in Russian language

Deck "Russia Fairy Oracle I. Bilibin" connects and correlates the line between stunning illustrations of the artist and the system is now a popular card system Minor Lenormand, widespread in the Russian Empire. Although the artist did not paint images of the cover, his legacy is quite easy to relate to the values of the Lenormand system cards. In this cover has cards that go beyond the usual symbols of Lenormand, which are replaced by identical images in the sense of the well-known Russian folk fairy stories. (From the accompanying brochure).

"My Lenormand modified in the spirit of the recovery of traditions and understands what age :). Figures specifically redrawn, which maximize the preservation of the author's intent. My hand -- in selection, sorting and interpretation." Eugenia Ustinova
Compiled by: Eugenia Ustinova
Composition: 36 letters + brochure that accompanies the 72 pages.
Language: Russian
Year: 2016

Author: Eugenia Ustinova

Number of Cards: 36

Brochure with instructions.

Language: Russian.

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Russian Fairy Oracle (Colección)
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