Tarot Pirate "Latest Units"

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Tarot Pirate "Latest Units"

It consists of 78 letters plus guide with English language instructions.

Since the beginning of time, sailors have been a superstitious group and used any available method to bring them good luck and protection. One technique was about divination using tarot. Meet a colorful cast of fantasy pirates, from elegant captains and playful cabin boys to old sailors.
Two fun and exciting games will take you out of the buccaneer! First, test your luck to predict the future, using Tarot's 78-card deck, each card with a different pirate life scene that reproduces an image originally engraved in wood. Each card has keywords that provide great symbolism for beginners and advanced readers alike.
The other game is an exciting and fast medieval card game, which "takes tricks", dating from the creation of the Tarot. It's for those brave enough to play. Then, with a Ho Ho Ho, join the pirate fun with Pirate Tarot!

Author: Carrie Amodio

Number of Cards: 78

Guide with instructions.

Language: English.

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