Tarot Napo "Collection"


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Tarot Napo "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with English language instructions.

The Fantastic Tarot de Napo, is the work of two Argentinians: the author of Betty López and Napo. Its scenery is based on the myth, culture and history of Argentina, and reflects the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of this country.

The characters of many of the cards are gauchos, the women of indigenous peoples and other figures. "The High Priest is old Vizcacha, a character from the book Martín Fierro, considered a 'Gaucho Biblia."

The images are inspired by the Rider-Waite model. The titles are in English and Spanish. Each number in the card of the minor Arcane has a keyword meaning. The back of the cards show the Southern Cross, a larger constellation in the southern hemisphere.

Author: Betty Lopez / Napo

No. Letters: 78

Size: 70x124mm

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English.

Tarot Napo "Colección"
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