Book: Sanacion con el Tarot


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Book: Sanacion con el Tarot

Did you know that the Tarot THE EMPERADOR picture can cause you to access an important job, or that THE SACERDOTISA can alleviate your lack of memory and make you leave any exam?
Did you ever think that the picture EL DIABLO, together with LA TORRE, could help you with skin diseases such as psoriasis, or that thanks to the foil THE ERMITAO can relieve osteoarthritis?
These and many other secrets related to use and healing through the Tarot is what this book is going to reveal to you so that from now on you have a wonderful accomplice that will transform your life. A unique and enormously practical work that will make you discover and use facets of the Tarot until now never revealed.

Author: Ahimsalara Ribera

Language: Spanish.

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Libro: Sanacion con el Tarot
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