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Book: Tarot Instantáneo

Reading the tarot has never been easier!
Most books for teaching tarot require the reader to memorize the keywords of each letter.
With 78 cards and multiple keywords for each of them, this means having to memorize hundreds of meanings, a challenge for those who have never had a tarot card deck in their hands before. Donald Tyson frees beginners from that burden by offering a completely new, easy and effective approach to reading tarot.
The key to this unique system is the tarot phrase, in which the complex meaning of a letter is reduced to three elements: identity, action, and direction. These elements correspond to a name, a verb and an adverb, which form a simple phrase and offer a short sign for each letter.
With this book you will learn how to interpret the collective meanings of three-card sets, within a variety of spins designed to answer any question. A quick reference box, which includes reverse spin meanings, avoids the problem of having to review the entire book when it's in the middle of a reading. This flexible, fast and fun method is designed to be fail-safe and can be applied to any deck of cards in the tarot.

Author: Donald Tyson

Language: Spanish.

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Libro: Tarot Instantáneo
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