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Tarot Hermetic "Collection"

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with English language instructions.

The airtight Tarot is created in black and white, but it's a very detailed 78-card Tarot deck.

It is a mysterious and esoteric artistic recreation, a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Now reprinted and available again.

He is one of the few who easily highlights planetary influences in work.
The airtight Tarot was previously long object-oriented programming and very difficult to find, but was re-released in 2006.

Each card is created with a symbolic detail (the fusion of Kabbalah, astrology and hermetism), so it is especially useful for students of the occult. L

Author: Godfrey Dowson

No. Letters: 78

Size: 70x120mm

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English.

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