Tarocchi arcani veneziani (Collection) "Latest Units"


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Tarocchi arcani veneziani (Collection) "Latest Units"

It consists of 45 letters plus guide with instructions in Italian and English.

The Tarot deck, explained in a simple, intuitive and analogue way by a journalist and tarologist.
A manual of psycho-narrative and divinatory interpretation to answer the questions themselves and those of others, to tell a story and overcome the creative blockages in literature, film, theater, photography and music. 22 shots, the main Arcane, set in Venice to restore the viewer to the magic of a universal city, since universal is the language of the Tarot.
This work, for the first time, organizes the study and understanding of arcane like any language, with its vocabulary, grammar, writing form and method of reading.
78 Arcanes, the Tarot deck, Elisabetta Rossi, explained in a simple, intuitive and analogous way by the journalist and reader of the Tarot. A selection of methods for developing answers to your own questions and those of others. 22 photos, the Major Arcanes by photographer Michele Alassio, set in Venice to convey to the reader the magic of a city as the language of the Tarot cards.
This work, for the first time, organizes the Arcans.

Author: Elisabetta Rossi

Number of Cards: 78

Guide with instructions.

Language: English and Italian.

Stock: Latest Units.

Tarocchi arcani veneziani (Colec
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