Tarot Mops "Last Units"


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Tarot Mops "Last Units"


It consists of 80 letters plus a guide with instructions in German.

The 80 little pug arcades contain four rows of color with the usual Hoffiguren king, queen, jack and knight, shown here with pugs. In this game, the four colored rows consist of cups (bones), bones, bones, and sausages. A special feature of this game.

In addition to the Pug bikes, there are two additional cards, "Loyalty" and "The Unicorn." Also, you can use special placement techniques that we have developed especially for the Pug Tarot.

A sausage, on the other hand, has great value for our classic

Swords become bones in the moth tarot. Simply because a pug playing with a bone, nibble, or even playful

There is no possibility of fighting - with a sword.

Of course, your glasses are important and of great importance in the world of sausages, it also depends on whether these glasses are full of food or treats, if they are empty or even overturned.

The well-known bars are on the tarot sticks of the mops. This can be explained by itself, because a tarot bar would be too big for pug.

Author: Bianca Burow

Number of Cards: 80

Guide with instructions.

German language.

Stock: Last Units.

Tarot Mops "Últimas Unidades"
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