Pack: Tarot D (Didactic) "Collection" Last Units


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Pack: Tarot D (Didactic) "Collection" Last Units.

It consists of a pack of 102 letters plus guide with English language instructions.

Explore the moments of life through this poetic version of mythology through 102 richly illustrated Tarot cards that include a new stick (Pause) and two additional cards for each elementary limb and a full-color guide.
A culmination of research and creativity, Tarot D focuses on the thoughtful mapping of a personal journey towards the universal language of symbols.
It transforms into a fully illustrated poem or epic story as you experience "Being, Doing, Thinking, Feeling, Pausing, and Changing" within iconic images. The path that each of us travels is drastically different and yet undeniably similar.
The way we get to the mountain and adventures along the way is the essence of our individual and legendary stories found here.
Entering the traditions and rituals of storytelling, this new system can also be used as a tool for meditation and is suitable for both experienced readers and beginners. Welcome to your story!

Author: Jeffrey M. Donato

Number of Cards: 102

Guide with instructions

Language: English.

Stock: Latest Units.

Pack: Tarot D (Didactic) "Colecc
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