Pack: Tarot Eight Coins' Tattoo "Latest Units"


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Pack: Tarot Eight Coins' Tattoo "Latest Units"

It consists of a pack of 82 letters plus book of 188 pages with instructions in English language.

This vividly illustrated work follows the artistic development of tattoo artist and designer Lana Zellner.
The 82-card deck includes all of its original tarot art plus four new cards painted especially for this edition. The cards feature artistic shapes and iconic images of tattoo and tarot traditions, all hand-drawn and hand-painted with the watercolor painting style of "spitshading".

The 188-page book features full-color and expanded illustrations for each card of the Eight Coins, along with Lana's descriptions and unique tarot ideas.

The game includes:
82 cards. 180-page book in full color. Tarot Rose Extension With Eight Coin Tattoo

About the artist:
Lana Zellner is a tattoo artist, painter and designer based in Missoula, Montana. From her previous work as an architect, Lana's tattoo art focuses on online work, bold design elements and detailed ornamentation. She likes to incorporate her spiritual interests into her work of art. Lana's been reading tarot letters since she was 12.

Author: Lana Zellner

Number of Cards: 82

Book with instructions.

Language: English.

Pack: Tarot Eight Coins' Tattoo
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