Tarot Arcanum


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Tarot Arcanum

It consists of 78 letters plus guide in multilanguage language.

This is the new tarot masterpiece by famous illustrator who created the famous Tarot Thelema.
A tarot that you used thanks to the booklet of instructions it contains as a guide to understanding the fundamentals of tarot, the meaning of each card and how to deduce interpretations for your questions.
You can choose to work with each card individually or read them together in sequence for more complex answers.
Timeless art paves an intuitive journey to an enchanted realm where modernity and fantasy blend.
It is a dimension of dreams and a dimension of magic: a symbolic landscape created by the archetypes of the Tarot..

Author: Renata Lechner

Number of Cards: 78

Guide with instructions.

Language: Spanish, French, German, English and Italian.

Tarot Arcanum "Colección"
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