Tarot Undersea


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Tarot Undersea

It consists of 78 letters plus brochure with English language instructions.

Fascinating and fun Tarot, created with beautiful illustrations with radiant and intense color.

This Tarot navigates the fascinating world under the waves, visiting mythical places as well as true ocean wonders. In this unique setting, legendary sea creatures and deep-sea relatives inhabit stories that prog the hidden depths of the tarot.

This Tarot is illustrated by comic book artist Frank Fradella, who also created images for the Tarot Adventure Fradella. This has the images of mermaids, newts, fish, and the real inhabitants and fantasy of the sea.

Author: Frank Fradella

No. Letters: 78

Size: 70x120mm

Brochure with instructions.

Language: English.

Tarot Undersea
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